Adding Participants and Managing Session Invitations on

Adding Participants and Managing Session Invitations on

Inviting participants to sessions on the platform is a key tool for enrichment providers. It enables them to reserve spots for specific customers and manage session capacities effectively. This guide outlines the process and various scenarios where this feature can be utilized.

Procedure for Adding a Participant

  1. Navigate to Session Roster Page: Go to the Session Roster Page of the session you want to manage. This page lists all registered participants.
  2. Initiate Participant Addition: Click on [ +Add Participant ]. A modal window will appear.
  3. Input Customer Email: In the modal, enter the email address of the customer you wish to invite.
  4. Optional Discount Code Selection: If applicable, select a discount code to include with the invitation.
  5. Send Invitation: Press [ Send Invite ]. An email invitation with a unique registration link will be sent to the customer.

Reservation and Spot Management

  • Exclusive Reservation: The invitation process reserves the spot solely for the invited customer, removing it from public availability on the website.
  • Registration through Unique Link: The customer receives a unique link, leading directly to the shopping cart with the session added, including any discount.
Important Consideration
Please be aware that the unique invitation link provided in the invitation email can be used by anyone who has access to it. If your customer forwards this invitation to another individual, that recipient could potentially use the link to register for the session. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly monitor your session roster to ensure that the invitation is utilized as intended. This practice helps maintain control over your session enrollments and ensures that your targeted invitations reach and benefit the right participants.

Options After Sending an Invitation

  • Resend Invitation: If the customer doesn't receive the initial invitation, it can be resent.
  • Cancel Invitation: Canceling an invitation frees up the spot, making it available for public registration.

Use Cases

  1. Invitations to Open Sessions: Providers can hold spots in open sessions for specific customers by send them an exclusive invitation.
  2. Invitations for Upcoming Sessions: Providers can secure spots for specific customers by sending invitations before the session's official registration opening.
  3. Invitations to Full Sessions: Even for sold-out sessions, providers can extend invitations. This requires an extra confirmation step, acknowledging the increase in session capacity by one. This approach is beneficial for reserving spots for certain groups, such as scholarship awardees or underrepresented communities.


The participant addition feature on is a versatile tool that empowers providers to manage their sessions with greater flexibility and precision. It caters to various needs, from ensuring spots for specific individuals to accommodating additional participants in full sessions, thereby enhancing the overall functionality and inclusivity of the platform.

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