Understanding Our Categories

Understanding Our Categories

At Enrichment.kids, we recognize the importance of fostering a child’s creativity, learning, and physical activity during the summer months. Our platform offers a diverse array of summer camp options, thoughtfully organized into 46 categories to ensure parents can easily find the perfect camp for their child without feeling overwhelmed.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of simplicity and clarity. With potentially thousands of summer camp options, it could be easy to slip into the paradox of choice, where too many options lead to decision paralysis. To combat this, we've streamlined our categories to 36 general themes that encapsulate the vast world of summer camps. This approach balances variety with manageability, allowing parents to navigate our offerings with confidence and ease.

Categories and Groupings

Arts and Crafts

  1. Arts and Crafts
  1. Design
  1. Fashion
  1. Visual Arts

Culture & Humanities

  1. Cultural Studies
  1. Faith-based
  1. History
  1. Philosophy

Creative & Imaginative Play

  1. Imagination Play
  1. Play-based
  1. Water Play

Entertainment & Performance

  1. Circus
  1. Magic
  1. Performing Arts

Environmental Studies

  1. Sustainability

Gaming & Interactive Entertainment

  1. Gaming

Life Skills & Personal Growth

  1. Cooking
  1. Career Exploration
  1. Leadership
  1. Social Skills
  1. Special Needs

Media & Communication

  1. Creative Writing
  1. Languages
  1. Media Production

Outdoor & Nature

  1. Animals
  1. Ecology
  1. Exploration
  1. Outdoors

Practical Skills

  1. Cooking
  1. DIY
  1. Unique Skills
  1. Pool

Science & Technology

  1. STEM

Sports & Fitness

  1. Fitness
  1. Martial Arts
  1. Sports


Our curated categories are designed to make the search for the ideal summer camp an intuitive and enjoyable experience. At Enrichment.kids, we strive to provide a platform that not only serves as a comprehensive directory but also as a guide to finding a summer camp that will enrich your child's life. We invite you to explore these categories and discover the perfect summer adventure for your child.

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