Detailed Overview of the Registration Process

Detailed Overview of the Registration Process

At, registering a participant for a camp or class involves a streamlined, secure process designed to ensure ease of use for customers while giving providers complete control. Here’s a comprehensive guide for enrichment providers on managing registrations.

Purchasing a Spot

To secure a spot in a session, a customer needs to purchase that spot. To purchase a spot, a customer needs to walk through 3 intuitive stages - the shopping cart, the registration forms, and the payment method.
  1. Shopping Cart: Customers add their chosen sessions to the cart.
  2. Registration Forms: Customers fill out necessary forms associated with the class.
  3. Payment Method: Options include direct credit card payments or selecting a payment plan. Confirmation at this stage secures the registration.
Confirmation and Communication: Once the registration is confirmed, an automatic email notification is sent to both the provider and the customer. The participant is then added to the session roster.

Reserving a Spot

Spots can be reserved in two ways:
  1. Customer-Initiated Reservation: Through the 'Add to Cart' button on the registration page, customers can select and reserve spots. Once items are added to the cart and the customer proceeds to the registration forms, the reservation becomes secure and tied to the customer’s account, necessitating account creation or login.
  2. Provider-Initiated Reservation: Using the 'Add Participant' button, providers can invite participants directly. This method allows providers to reserve spots for participants via email invitations, which include a link to complete the registration. This feature is also available for sessions not yet open to the public or those that are full, offering flexibility in managing class capacity.

Additional Features

  1. Time Extension: During payment, a timer ensures the completion of the process in a timely manner, with options to extend the time if necessary.
  2. Secure Data Management: Participant information is handled securely, stored in a protected database to ensure privacy and security.


The registration system at is designed to be both user-friendly for customers and efficient for providers, simplifying the process of managing and filling classes while ensuring security and flexibility. This guide should help you understand and navigate the features effectively.