Finding the Right Camp

Finding the Right Camp

Finding the ideal summer camp for your child on is streamlined and intuitive. Let's dive into the steps to ensure your child has an unforgettable summer experience.

2. Use the Advanced Search Function:

  1. Input a specific City or Zip to find nearby camps.
  2. Category: Filter camps based on activities or amenities such as sports, cooking, performing arts, or even if they have a pool.
  3. Dates: If you have specific dates in mind, set a range. Please note, this filter is most effective for camps labeled as Availability! or Waitlist Only since their inventory is known.

3. Age & Price Specifics:

  1. Age: Use checkboxes to select the appropriate age group ranging from 1-18.
  2. Price Range: Choose from $ (most affordable), $$ (mid-range), and $$$ (premium) to align with your budget.

4. Understand Camp Statuses:

  1. Availability!: Camps with real-time spot availability.
  2. Waitlist Only: Camps are full, but you can join a session-specific waitlist.
  3. Verified: The camp listing is accurate and authenticated.
  4. Unclaimed: These camps have operated before but haven't recently updated or verified their listing.

5. Dive Deeper with the Dropdown:

Most listings have a dropdown caret. Clicking it reveals a brief description of the camp, offering more context.

6. Navigate to Detailed Pages:

  1. For participating enrichment providers, clicking the camp title takes you to a detailed page with more information and the option to register for sessions.
  2. For non-participating enrichment providers, the camp title link opens an external page in a new tab, guiding you to the camp's own registration process.

7. Registration & Transactions:

If you opt for a camp with Availability! status, proceed with registration. offers a seamless and secure payment processing.

8. Stay Informed:

Once registered, keep an eye on any communication from the camp for necessary pre-camp preparations.
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