Enrichment.kids Pricing

Enrichment.kids Pricing

Enrichment.kids applies a straightforward 5% service fee, plus standard credit card processing fees, on all transactions. These fees support our commitment to maintaining and enhancing this valuable one-stop resource for parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays the fee? 

Enrichment providers decide who pays the transaction fees, and it can be different for each provider. The three options are:
  1. Providers pay the fee themselves
  2. Providers split the fee 50/50 with their customers
  3. Providers pass the fee on to their customers

What will be the final price with fees? 

Ok, so some providers pass on the fees, some split them with you, some absorb them and you never see them. How do you know, then, what the fees will be when you are browsing through camps?

Look for the switch on the website that will allow you to "Display total with fees." If you turn on that switch, it will show you prices with the final fees included. This will make it clearer to you what your final prices will be. Look for it on each camp's page near where we list the dates and times and prices.

Are the fees refundable?
We understand these fees may represent a financial challenge for some families. Our priority is to ensure that these costs do not prevent any child from participating in enriching activities.

If you find that our service fees have imposed a significant financial hardship on your family, we encourage you to complete this applicationShould your application meet our criteria for financial need, we will issue a refund of the service fees.

(It's important to note, however, that we cannot refund the credit card processing fees nor the cost of the enrichment activity.)

Are there any contracts or commitments for Providers?

No, there are no contracts, no long-term commitments, and no monthly subscriptions to use Enrichment.kids.
No, we do not offer any marketing or advertising services. We automatically feature the listings of any camp, class, or event that uses Enrichment.kids as their registration tool. Feature listings appear higher in our search results, include a featured image, and show their availability status to customers. 

Do Providers need to pay to manage their listings?

No, Providers are encouraged to claim and manage their directory listings for free. If Providers choose to use our (irresistible!) registration tools, fees will only occur at the time of a transaction.

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