Navigating the Provider Dashboard

Navigating the Provider Dashboard


This guide will walk you through each part of the navigation menu on the provider dashboard.

These admin areas are where you will create the essential, reusable elements of your activity registrations - the listings that we include on the directory, the registration forms and policies that you need for every camp or class or event, the organization and financial details that are vital to your business.

Breaking Down the Dashboard

Let's talk about the 5 navigation items included in this menu:
  1. Listings

    • What is it? This is where you add your activities. You'll be able to specify whether the listing is public (shown in the directory) or private (not shown in the directory). 
    • How to use it: You'll see options to add new camps or classes. Just click on 'Add New' and follow the simple steps. To change details of existing camps, click on them and edit as needed. Plus, here's where you can set up how parents will sign up for your camps, right down to every detail on the registration page.
  2. Forms

    • What is it? Forms are essential to collect information about the kids attending your camps.
    • How to use it: You can create a new form by selecting 'Create Form.' Think of it like filling out a paper form, but on your computer. You decide what questions to ask. To change a form, just click on it and edit.
  3. Policies

    • What is it? Here, you'll outline the rules and guidelines for your camps.
    • How to use it: Want to set a cancellation policy or a dress code? This is the place. Click 'Add New Policy' and type in your rules. It's that easy! You can come back and change these whenever you need to.
  4. Finance

    • What is it? This section keeps track of the money side of things.
    • How to use it: View reports on how much you're earning, handle payments, and even create discount codes for promotions. Click on the different options to see detailed breakdowns of your finances.
  5. Org Settings

    • What is it? This area is for details about your organization and preferences for using our platform.
    • How to use it: Here you can tell us more about your organization, how you'd like to handle fees, and where we should send your payments. Just click on each option to fill in or change your information.

Tips for Getting Started

  • Take a moment to click through each section. Familiarity will make managing your listings even easier.
  • Don't worry about making mistakes. You can always go back and edit.
  • If you're ever unsure, our help guide and customer support team are here for you.
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