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As an enrichment provider, you have the flexibility to choose how to manage registrations for various activities, including camps, extracurricular classes, sports leagues, and events, through This article outlines the two registration management options available to you and details the service fee payment flexibility.

Registration Management Options

When you update your directory listing(s) on, you are presented with two choices for managing registrations:
  1. Use for Activity Registration: Take advantage of our comprehensive suite of tools, designed for managing a variety of enrichment activities. This option places your listing higher in search results, enhancing your visibility to potential customers.
  2. Manage Registration Externally:  If you prefer to use an external system for registrations, you can link to your external registration page.

Fee Structure applies a straightforward 5% service fee, plus standard credit card processing fees, on all transactions. These fees support our mission to maintain and enhance this valuable one-stop resource for parents.

Here are your options for handling this fee:
  1. Parent-Paid Fee: The service fee is added to the registration cost and paid by the parent at checkout. This option allows providers to use our registration tools without incurring any costs.
  2. Provider-Paid Fee: Providers can choose to absorb the service fee, offering a no-extra-fee registration process to parents.
  3. Shared Fee: The service fee can be split between the provider and the parent, balancing affordability for parents with minimal financial impact on providers.
Your choice of how to handle this fee is managed in your Organization Settings.

Benefits of Using for Registration

  1. Featured Listings: Activities using our registration system are prioritized in search results.
  2. Best-in-Class Tools: Access specialized tools for managing participants, waitlists, secure payments, and more.
    1. Waitlist Management: Utilize flexible tools to manage your waitlist effectively.
    2. Roster Management: Easily export session rosters, add or transfer participants, and manage cancellations and refunds.
    3. Forms Management: Go paperless with our intuitive forms builder and collect registration forms during the registration process.
  3. Flexible Fee Payment: Choose who pays the service fee to best suit your business model.
  4. Support and Security: Enjoy secure transactions and dedicated support.
  5. Weekly Payouts: Access your revenue more quickly.
  6. Secure Payments: Offer secure credit card payment options to parents.

How to Choose

When editing your information on the Directory Listing page, you'll find the “Registration Options” section. Here, select your preferred registration management method and service fee handling that best suits your activity.

Registration Options at Screenshot of the Registration Options settings on

Need Help?

If you have questions or need assistance in making your decision, our support team is here to assist. 

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