Understanding Form Statuses

Understanding Form Statuses


At Enrichment.kids, managing forms effectively is crucial for a seamless experience for both Providers and Customers. This article explains the different statuses that forms can have within our platform, guiding you through managing and understanding the implications of each status.

Form Statuses Explained

  1. Editable Status

    • Definition : Forms in 'Editable' status can be freely modified. This status applies to forms that have not yet received any responses.
    • Actions Permitted : You can add, edit, or remove questions, alter the layout, and modify text.
    • Best Practices : Use this phase for thorough testing and final adjustments before your form goes live.
  2. Locked Status

    • Definition : Once a form starts receiving responses, it automatically shifts to 'Locked' status.
    • Actions Permitted : In this status, editing the form is restricted to preserve the integrity of collected data.
    • Understanding the Limitation : This restriction ensures that the data already collected remains consistent and accurate. Editing options are limited to ensure that the analysis of results is not adversely affected.

Managing Form Statuses

  • Transitioning Between Statuses : A form transitions from 'Editable' to 'Locked' automatically upon receiving its first response. This transition is irreversible to maintain data accuracy.
  • Creating New Forms : If substantial changes are required for a 'Locked' form, we recommend creating a new form or duplicating the existing form.


  1. Can I unlock a form once it is locked?

    • No, once a form is locked, it cannot be reverted to editable to ensure data consistency.
  2. What happens if I need to make significant changes to a locked form?

    • In such cases, it's best to create a new form or duplicate an existing form. This ensures that the integrity of the data collected from the original form is maintained.


Understanding form statuses is key to effectively managing your content on Enrichment.kids. Always plan your forms with the end goal in mind, and utilize the 'Editable' phase for any major revisions. 

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